Friday News 29th September 2023

This week at preschool the children have really impressed us with their apple knowledge and have shown some fantastic mathematical skills. Firstly, Miss Jo recapped the different parts of an apple with the children and they did brilliantly at remembering some of the parts from last year. Throughout the week they have continued to talk about what the different parts are called, particularly at meal times. The children have used some apples in paint to see what prints they make, this also brought about a discussion about colour mixing and what happens to the paint when we mix them together. In the playdough area we have seen some great maths taking place. The children have confidently been recognising numerals as well as matching the correct amount of ‘playdough apples’ to that number. Some of the children have even had a go at adding and taking away from a number to see what their new number will be. This weeks Moo Music session was a very lively one at the Funfair. There was a lot of energetic dancing taking place as well as dressing up as clowns. Yesterday at forest school the children were disappointed that there were no muddy puddles but that disappointment didn’t last long when they collectively decided they could make their own puddle by collecting water from the water butt and transporting it down to the middle area. The children also enjoyed pizzas cooked on the fire pit and they got exceptionally muddy making lots of delightful mud pies. It was lovely to see some of you at our Macmillan Coffee morning this morning, thank you for supporting a fantastic cause. We will let you know how much we raised later today. As I type, the children are in the process of making apple crumble with Miss Sharon and Miss Nancy. They worked hard to chop up the cooking apples and now that the apples are cooked, they are adding some topping. They are looking forward to taking them home shortly! A quick reminder that next week our parent consultations are taking place, we look forward to seeing you to discuss your children.