Friday News 22nd September 2023

Another wonderful week at preschool despite the rain, although this has led to lots of cosy time listening to stories! This week has been all about building and writing at preschool. The children have used a variety of building materials to construct their ideas. We have seen playdough being used to hold together rolling pins and the duplo has been used to build castles. Outside the children used the larger bricks to make an obstacle course. The children were extremely excited for the return of Forest school on Thursday and some of the children made Neil some pictures and put them in envelopes to give to him at the start of the session. During forest school the children explored the area, using the swings and climbed trees. They also had a turn to use the saw with Neil to saw the tree branch. Once they all had their wooden slice, they used a hand drill to make a hole and Neil hung their wood slices up in the forest school area. It wouldn’t have been a forest school session without some water transportation. The children filled up various pots and bottles with water from the water butt and poured it down the guttering. Once they realised, they were making a large watery puddle at the end of the guttering they then decided to pour the water straight into the puddle instead. This then led on to a lot of splashing, a little bit of falling over and eventually even Neil joined in with the puddle jumping where he managed to get everyone covered in muddy water!! This morning the children had a large box left in the room for them which they decided to draw on. One of the children then asked Miss Jo to turn the box in to a post box. Once the box had been converted the children set about drawing pictures and writing letters to post, even adding ‘stamps’ before they got posted. Once the post box was filled the ‘postman’ came and emptied the letters in to their post bags! Some lovely role play!