Friday News 15th September 2023

It’s been another exciting week at preschool this week, with the introduction of Show and Tell before lunch. It has been lovely to see what the children have been bringing in with them and even lovelier to watch them stand up and share their treasured possessions with their peers. They have all been super brave at standing up with adult support and we are really proud of them. We look forward to seeing their confidence grow each week.  Miss Jo collected us a fairy garden this week and we added the sylvanian families to it. There has been lot’s animated play at the fairy garden which has been lovely to hear! It has been super busy in the creative area this week; I think we may have used a whole roll of Sellotape!! The children have been very busy cutting paper and using the cut offs to make their own creations, from family books to offices. The children have also kept Miss Jo busy making watches, they chose the picture they’d like on the watch face and what day and time it should display. The children then used the watches as radios to talk to each other. We celebrated Lenora’s birthday this week, the children were particularly excited about having cake and Moo music all in the same day. During Moo music there was a lot of dressing up to different songs, the sun glasses were a particular favourite. On Thursday we had a special visit from Alfie’s three-week-old black lab puppies. The children were incredibly gentle whilst cuddling and stroking them. The staff enjoyed the puppy cuddles too and it was a miracle that they all ended back up at Alfie’s house! Thank you to Alfie and his Mummy for giving the children a lovely opportunity to meet the puppies.