Friday News 5th January 2024

Happy New Year! We have had a lovely first few days back at preschool. The children have spent lots of time excitedly talking to us about their Christmases and the presents they received. On Wednesday the children were excited to see Jenna for Moo Music and joined in amazingly. They were disappointed at the end that the session had gone so quickly so asked Jenna for another song, opting to dance along to ‘Wake up, Good morning’. Despite the horrible weather on Thursday afternoon the children were pleased to get back down to the Forest School area. The children quickly worked together to move some obstacles that were in the biggest puddle so that they could get jumping, although they soon realised that the puddle was incredibly muddy and it was quite tricky to jump without falling over. They were pleased to warm their wet hands up on a mug of hot chocolate and enjoyed a marshmallow or two. We ended the session early as the children were quite wet and cold, they all got into dry clothes and wrapped up under blankets to get warm and cosy. This afternoon the children are happily running around in the garden, pleased that the sun is out and it has finally stopped raining!!