Friday News 19th January 2024

It’s been a chilly weather week at preschool but we have managed to wrap up warm and brave the cold in the garden and at Forest School. There was lots of ice on the path on Wednesday morning and the children were fascinated by it so a few of them helped me bring it into the garden. Some of the children used different types of spoons and spades to break the ice whilst others transported the ice to the mud kitchen to use as play food. As always, the children have continued to be very creative this week, using the junk modelling to make a variety of creations, drawing some fabulous pictures and they have also used a variety of brushes to make different marks with the paint. Some of our school leavers have been exceptionally kind to our new, younger members of preschool. They have been fantastic at showing them around preschool and helping them to settle in. Unfortunately, Jenna was poorly this week so we didn’t have our usual Moo Music session, but a few of the children decided to lead their own music session. They stood in a circle, joined hands and sang a variety of songs together. At forest school the children were kept very busy on a scavenger hunt, they were asked to find a variety of objects and bring them back to the firepit to show Neil (something brown, something round, something green etc). They also used the saw again to chop a wood slice before using the hand drills to make a hole in the top. The hand drills are particularly tricky but we had lots of persevering penguins which was great! There were also a lot of hide and seek games taking place which the children particularly enjoyed!