Friday News 8th December 2023

It has been another busy Christmassy week at preschool and we can’t believe that next week is the final week of this term!! The children have explored loose parts to decorate Christmas trees, carefully placing their chosen decorations on to the trees! In the play dough area, the children have used Christmas tree cuttings in various ways, standing them up to make trees and pressing them on to the flat play dough to look at the prints they make. There has been a lot of Christmas role play taking place this week, Father Christmas has been exceptionally busy already delivering presents to the children that stay asleep. Some of the children have shown a real interest in the Nativity stories on display and have used the wooden characters to act out the story. The junk modelling area has also been busy again with some very fancy creations happening. The children have been building with a purpose in mind and have found the relevant resources they have required to make their visions come to life! Yet again we have been very proud of how well all the children have practised their songs and Makaton signs ahead of next weeks party day! It’s been really lovely to hear that they have been practising at home too.

Yesterday we drew our Christmas Raffle, congratulations to everyone that won a prize! We just want to say one last thank you to everyone that donated prizes and also to those of you that bought tickets. We raised £248 which will go towards new resources to benefit the children!