Friday News 6th January 2023

Although we have had a short week at preschool to start the spring term it has been very busy. The room has been full of excited chatter about the children’s Christmas break and the gifts they have received from Santa. Some of the children have been roleplaying the new experiences that they have gained, they have used pieces of material to wrap objects up to gift to the teachers and their peers. There has been a particular interest in the ‘sensory bottles’ at the light box where the children have explored what the bottles do and whether the light from the box has an effect on the colours. The children’s imaginations have been sparked by a game of ‘dogs’ this week, some children have role played being the dog and were fed, watered and put to bed with a blanket by their ‘owners’. It has been lovely to have the slightly warmer weather back, compared to before Christmas, the children have enjoyed getting outside for longer periods of time to explore the sand, mud kitchen and the boat. The children have also concentrated really well at the threading station, using good hand/eye coordination to thread beads on to strings to make necklaces.