Friday News 4th November 2022

It’s been a lovely first week at preschool after the half term. The children were full of excitable chatter about their half term adventures and particularly enjoyed sharing their Halloween/pumpkin stories. This week the children have learnt about Pumpkins. At group times we have talked about and named the different parts that make up a pumpkin as well as reading pumpkin stories. We have had whole pumpkins and chopped up pumpkins out in the room for the children to explore, they particularly enjoyed removing the seeds to play with. There have been a lot of requests for dancing this week with the floor is lava song being a firm favourite. The children did some great listening to the song instructions and showed us some great moves. Despite the rain this week we have still managed to get outside every day and we were very glad this morning to see the sun shining. A couple of the children noticed their shadows so we spent some time talking about how our shadows are made. The conversation then led to different shaped leaves having different shadows and this was extended to chalk drawings of trees. Thank you to the children that entered the pumpkin competition. Today our chairperson came in to judge the entries, although it was a tricky decision, she chose Molly’s as the winner. Well done to Molly!! There seem to be a lot of illnesses about at the moment and we would like to thank you for your continued support in keeping your children at home when they are unwell.