Friday News 21st October 2022

What a busy last week of this half term we have had. We started the week off with a muddy walk down Brickyard Lane, the children were exceptionally well behaved and did some brilliant walking, holding hands with their partner. One of the children found a worm and began to recall facts about worms from a few weeks back. The children showed particular excitement about jumping in the muddy puddles and reminded the adults that they need to bring their wellies to preschool ready for the next walk! They all found a stick to carry back to preschool after exploring the wooded area where they spotted mushrooms and moss growing. Through the gate way the children noticed some cows watching them so they stood very still and said ‘Hello’ to the cows. We discussed the differences between the cows as they were all different colours. As well as making real cakes this week the children have spent a great deal of time making cakes with the playdough, telling us what ingredients they needed and how they would need to be cooked. Sprinkles were added to the playdough area in order to extend their play further. As mentioned, the children did some cooking this week, they made and decorated ‘spider cakes’ they used chocolate spread on top of their fairy cakes and ‘fruit peelers’ for the spiders’ legs, carefully counting how many legs their spiders had. Miss Jo brought a spider in to preschool this week for us to look at. Luckily the spider remained safely in the jar as she ended up laying eggs! There have been a few hair salons set up at preschool over the last few days, the customers have patiently sat in the chair whilst they’ve had their hair washed, brushed and dried by the stylist. Fantastic role playing!

Please do not forget about our ‘decorate a pumpkin’ competition, all entries to be brought in week commencing 31st October and will be judged on Friday 4th November.