Friday News 30th September 2022

This week the children have been exploring and learning about leaves and sticks. At group times the children have listened to the Stickman story, this has then carried on it to their play and some children have used the available resources to make their own ‘Stickman’ to play with and take home. The children have learnt the different parts of a leaf, although this week some of the words were slightly trickier to say. During a leaf printing activity some of the children were also naming some of the parts as they painted their leaf. There has been a tuff tray set up with natural resources, the children have used the magnifying glasses to try and find the bugs hiding under the leaves. We have had some super star helpers outside this week. The children have been very helpful with tidying and sweeping the sand from the mud kitchen. In the sand area some of the children helped Miss Jo to tidy the sand toys and to dig the bark area. A big thank you to those very helpful children!! There is still a lot of enthusiasm for water play, this week the children used the marble run to transport water down the tubes, watching carefully to see which way the water would travel. Some of the children have had great number recognition this week, they have used the conkers to match numeral to quantity with fantastic confidence. We have visited the school hall twice this week and so far we have used the library once. The children are really enjoying visiting school in their small groups. At the beginning of the week the children did more balancing across the beams and there was some very enthusiastic jumping from the stand happening. Yesterday the children used the big parachute, moving it in a variety of ways and also listening carefully for their names so they could run underneath and swap places with a friend. At the library the children enjoyed choosing books from the shelf and looking at them independently, with peers and sharing them with an adult. The experience of going over to school, where lots of our children have siblings, has been very exciting. This week most of the staff updated their paediatric first aid training, a few things had changed so it was great that we were able to update our knowledge alongside practising CPR (we had to do 2 minutes of CPR under test conditions!) and how to dress wounds and use the different types of bandages. As always, we love to see the adventures the children go on over the weekends or on the days, they don’t attend preschool, if you are happy to send photos in we can display them on our Nature board.