Friday News 23rd September 2022

apples and mushroomsThis week the children have been learning about Apples and Mushrooms during group times but we also sparked their interest at our nature table in the room. Miss Jo chopped and labelled all the parts of an apple and a mushroom and set them up on plates.


The children have done some fab interacting at group times and we have been very impressed with how well they have retained this knowledge.


This week we had a very special book gifted to us by Ed and his family, ‘Steve the Stick’. Steve was one of Miss Jo’s baby sticks which Ed’s cousin had a couple of years ago and he kept escaping!! Ed’s Auntie Steph wrote a story about him and it has just been published. We read the story yesterday and the children were intrigued by Steve’s adventures through the night. Thank you so much to Ed and his family for such a fantastic addition to our story collection.


This week we had confirmation of the times we could use the school hall and library again. We will be using the school hall on a Monday and a Thursday morning, we have been allocated an hour so we have decided to split in to our Butterfly and Caterpillar groups. The children will be doing a P.E style activity whilst over at the hall. This week the caterpillars did some fantastic balancing a long the beams, some even attempted to hold a beanbag on their heads at the same time as walking across the beams. Great concentration was needed. Our caterpillars also did some very enthusiastic jumps off the end of the beams. Our butterflies also did some fantastic balancing along the beams and they had some very excited children during some races!!

After each session the children were very excited to tell the other adults what they had done.


We have been allocated the library on a Tuesday morning, again for an hour therefore we will split the groups, and a Friday afternoon. Today will be our first session at the library therefore we will update you next week.

The children have had a fantastic time in the garden this week, finding and building different ways to roll the apples through tubes and down the drain pipes. Inside they have used the apples and mushrooms with paint, looking at the different prints they make on the paper.


We have also had our new ‘large hollow bricks’ out for the children to explore. They have enjoyed putting them together in different ways and balancing across them but they have also been used whilst playing with the cars, making tunnels and roads for the cars to move along.



October Half Term: Monday 21st October – Friday 28th October

Christmas Break: Monday 19th December – Monday 2nd January

Inset Day: Tuesday 3rd January

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Next Week’s Topic…


Leaves and Sticks


If the children would like to share anything related to this week’s topic, they are more than welcome too.