Friday News 20th October 2023

It has been a lovely last week of half term at preschool with our theme of pumpkins. At the beginning of the week the children were able to explore a pumpkin in the tuff tray. They used different utensils and their hands to scoop out the fibrous strands and seeds. There was lots of lovely counting of seeds into pots taking place. We also took a trip over to the school hall where we practised some balancing across the beams. Some of the children also travelled across the beams in various different ways, on their tummies, their backs and even side stepping like crabs. On Wednesday Miss Jo chopped up some the pumpkins pulp and the children coated the pumpkin seeds and pulp in a small amount of oil before they were roasted in the oven. Once they were cooked the children were able to mix the seeds in cinnamon sugar and hot chocolate powder to see which they preferred. The cinnamon sugar mix was definitely preferred. The children were all fantastic at trying the roasted pumpkin too, some of the children devoured it!! Some of the children showed an interest in the Goldilocks story after a discussion about having porridge for breakfast. The next day we continued this theme and added oats and crushed Weetabix to the tuff tray with some bowls and spoons. This led onto some great story telling using the Goldilocks props.

Thank you to the children who entered our pumpkin decorating competition, it was really tricky to judge all the amazing entries well done everyone!