Friday News 2nd December 2022

This week we have been fully embracing the Christmas spirit and have really enjoyed seeing the children wearing their Christmas outfits. There has been a lot of Christmas crafting happening with a variety of activities on offer, I don’t want to give too many details away as you will be receiving your children’s Christmas makes during the last week of term. The children have been busy learning and practicing the Christmas performance songs and are doing amazingly, they are remembering the order of songs better than the adults!! Large scale building has been a big focus for the children this week, they have worked really well together to make a variety of different builds. The most popular build being a ‘bridge’ which captivated a group of children’s attention for over half an hour, the children extended their bridge to make it longer talking to each other about where the blocks were placed. They had to carefully walk along the bridge as it was wobbly in places. Our cheeky Elf, Bozea, has been spotted in a variety of different places around preschool and the children have enjoyed searching for him first thing in the morning. We also started our chocolate advent calendar that was kindly donated to us by Ed’s family last year. It was a very exciting time yesterday seeing who would get chosen (names will get chosen from a pot each day to ensure each child gets a turn!) It has suddenly become colder outside and with us being a ‘free flow’ setting the door is open for the majority of the day, if your child would like to bring a pair of named slippers to wear inside to keep their feet warm, they are more than welcome too. We have plenty of spare jumpers if the children are feeling chilly. We still aim to get outside as much as the children would like to, therefore warm coats, hats and gloves and waterproofs are an essential so that the children can still enjoy being outside!