Friday News 18th November 2022

This week the children have been learning about the Northern Lights. During group times we have spoken about where we might be able to see the Northern Lights and why they appear. We talked about pink and green being the most common colours of the lights, although they can also be seen in red, yellow, violet and blue. Miss Jo set up a lovely Northern Lights activity using loose parts. The children were encouraged to look at the real-life photos and try to create their own Northern Lights pictures. The glass beads were a very popular resource!! There have been some fantastic creations in the playdough area this week, from elephants to snowmen and a variety of shapes being cut out and used as cookies. At the beginning of the week the children spent a lot of time exploring the ‘gloop’, using the tools provided as well as their hands to drip the gloop back into the tray. They talked about how the gloop felt, “it’s cold”, “it’s slimey!” One of the children asked to add more water and bubbles to the tray which was extended by Miss Sharon who provided the children with straws, there was a lot of enthusiasm to see who could blow the most bubbles!! Miss Pippa set up a cutting activity in the tuff tray towards the end of the week, the children used real concentration to cut along the different lines that had been drawn on the paper. The children have spent a lot of time in the creative area using cotton buds and paint to re create Northern Lights pictures as well as chalks on black paper. The large-scale building has continued this week, the children have worked well together to create bridges and buildings as well as joining the train track together so the trains could travel around half the preschool room. The water wall has been popular in the garden this week with the children encouraging each other to pump the water really hard so that the water splashes across the patio!