Friday News 8th September 2023

What a fantastic first week back we have had after the long summer break! It has been lovely to see the children come in so happily and confidently each morning this week. The children have excitedly told us about their summer adventures and those that have photo books have enjoyed sharing them with the staff… Continue reading Friday News 8th September 2023

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Friday News 27th January 2023

This week the children have been fascinated with Chinese New Year. There was particular excitement over trying noodles, sweet and sour sauce and prawn crackers at snack times. Some of the children showed huge perseverance whilst attempting to use the chopsticks to eat with. The children have been particularly interested in the animals that represent… Continue reading Friday News 27th January 2023

Snow!! 18th January 2023

Catching snow on our tongues and making snowballs was on the agenda this morning. The heavy snowfall created lot’s of excitement, awe and wonder amongst the children!  

Friday News 13th January 2023

The weather has definitely been on our side for ‘rain’ week, yesterday the children showed particular enjoyment for puddle jumping and rainbow spotting out on the school field. Despite wearing waterproofs and wellies nearly all the children required a change of clothes, once that was done the hot chocolate and snack was very welcome! Miss… Continue reading Friday News 13th January 2023

Friday News 6th January 2023

Although we have had a short week at preschool to start the spring term it has been very busy. The room has been full of excited chatter about the children’s Christmas break and the gifts they have received from Santa. Some of the children have been roleplaying the new experiences that they have gained, they… Continue reading Friday News 6th January 2023

Friday News 9th December 2022

It has been another busy week with a huge amount of Christmas crafting happening. The children are getting very excited about bringing their Christmas makes home to share with you next week. Preschool has been filled with the lovely smell of mince pies that the children have made with Miss Pippa. It has been very… Continue reading Friday News 9th December 2022

Friday News 2nd December 2022

This week we have been fully embracing the Christmas spirit and have really enjoyed seeing the children wearing their Christmas outfits. There has been a lot of Christmas crafting happening with a variety of activities on offer, I don’t want to give too many details away as you will be receiving your children’s Christmas makes… Continue reading Friday News 2nd December 2022

Friday News 25th November 2022

It’s been another busy week at preschool and it has been exceptionally lovely to be able to hold face to face parents’ meetings again. Thank you for the positive feedback that has been received regarding the Autumn Term reports. This week the children were invited to St George’s car show in the playground. They were… Continue reading Friday News 25th November 2022