Friday News 20th January 2023

It has been a very cold week at preschool but once again the weather has been on our side for talking about and exploring ice. Whilst out on a walk round the track the children noticed that the school sand pit had frozen puddles on top. The adults explained to the children the dangers of walking across large areas of frozen water and what may happen if the ice were to crack. Some of the children were able to recall these dangers during group time discussion with Miss Joellen on Thursday. During ice week the children learnt that water is a liquid and when it gets very, very cold it freezes and becomes ice. Once it is ice it is then a solid. The children were able recall this later in the week and also explained that “heat, the sun, melted the ice and then it was liquid water again”. Our caterpillar children have used coloured ice cubes to paint pictures this week, there was some lovely artwork produced. We also had the excitement of it snowing on Wednesday which was absolutely amazing! Some of the children made brilliant snowballs to throw at the teachers which they found very funny!! After an hour of being outside exploring, the warm milk and hot chocolate that Miss Sharon had prepared for snack was definitely what was needed to warm us up. We had a campsite set up this week as the children have shown an interest in building dens. There was a lot of lying down in the beds eating food that had been cooked on the campfire and drinking cups of tea.

This week we had an unexpected fire drill practise as St George’s had a fire drill. Lots of our children like to take their wellies/shoes off when they are inside. If you would like to provide your child with a pair of thick socks/slippers/indoor shoes to avoid them getting wet feet during fire practices or to ensure they don’t hurt their feet standing on toys then please do pop them in their bags.